OMG Restaurant and Bar To Open In Galleria Park

Co-Owners of OMG! Burger, Annie and Salman Khan, are investing a substantial $400,000 for the renovation of the space.
Asian and veteran-owned cafe offers a welcoming space for families, students, and professionals.
Stream Houston currently leases and manages more than 9 million square feet of office space in the Metro area
Bringing bliss to Bay Area Blvd, this brunch spot is set to delight the area's diners this November.
Owner Wei Zheng brings a new dining experience to FM 1960 Bypass Road E.
This new location aims to cater to every patrons' needs with a touch of luxury.
Franchisee Clint Price is set to transform a 2,137 square foot space into a vibrant new pizzeria.
Family-run franchise brings refreshing treats with plans for further expansion.
This new location will usher in some recipe upgrades for its customers.

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