Pearland Planned Home of KPot Korean BBQ and Hot Pot

Diners can cook their own meals at the table for an interactive experience with family and friends.
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A KPot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot is expected to open in Pearland, possibly by the end of 2023. The Korean barbecue restaurant concept provides diners with an interactive eating experience. They can prepare their meals at the table.

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Hot pots, a precooked and seasoned soup base, are offered for each table. Diners can cook a variety of Asian ingredients in the hot pot including thinly sliced pork, prime brisket, Kobe beef, and seafood. Diners can also use the hot pot to cook vegetables such as spinach, mushroom, broccoli, and more before enjoying the meal with family and friends.

A small grill for Korean barbecue is also available to cook meats and vegetables that can be served as a lettuce wrap or with rice. KPot offers a full bar cocktails, beer, and rice wine.

Alan Wang, owner of several Houston area KPot locations, is listed as the tenant for the new Pearland spot on a recent project filing. The address is 9415 Broadway St. in Pearland. Construction could be complete on the nearly 6,300-square-foot space in late December 2023.

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