Founders Of Health-Food Restaurant Expanding Into The Bayou City

After finding success in Austin, Co-Owner Nelson Monteith is bringing Honest Mary's to his hometown.
Founders Of Health-Food Restaurant Expanding Into The Bayou City-1
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Honest Mary’s, the beloved Austin-based restaurant known for its nourishing and honest-to-goodness food, is spreading its wings and expanding into the vibrant city of Houston. “I was born and raised in Houston. My roots are there, I spend a lot of time there, and I’m very familiar with the people and neighborhoods in Houston,” Co-Owner Nelson Monteith said of why he’s bringing his brand to the area.

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Monteith expressed his deep connection to Houston, stating that his roots and familiarity with the people and neighborhoods make it the perfect place to expand the restaurant’s reach. The values and offerings of Honest Mary’s align well with what Houstonians value, making it an ideal fit for the city.

The name “Honest Mary’s” holds a special meaning for Monteith. It is named after his wife, Mary, but it also encompasses the restaurant’s mission and values. Honest Mary’s strives to improve the community through life-giving food, promoting the best version of oneself through nourishment, kindness, and genuine care for well-being. The restaurant aims to set a new standard for dining by making healthy food enjoyable and accessible, while also fostering personal growth and connection.

While there are no specific details about the brand’s plans in Houston or the number of locations, Honest Mary’s fans can look forward to experiencing the same authentic and nourishing dining experience in the new market. The warm and friendly spaces will provide a home away from home, where guests can enjoy a meal, connect with others, and take a break from the digital world.

Although the brand has not disclosed any further information about the Houston expansion, it is clear that Honest Mary’s is committed to its mission and values. Houstonians can anticipate the arrival of Honest Mary’s and the positive impact it will have on their community in the near future.

Photo: Official
Photo: Official

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