Korean BBQ Concept to Make Houston Debut

KPot Korean BBQ and Hot Pot will open mulitple locations in coming months.
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KPot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot is coming to Houston! Three locations are being planned for Houston to open in the next three to six months. The brand is currently undergoing an expansion with dozens of new locations to begin popping up soon across the United States.

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The Korean barbecue concept offers diners a chance to cook their own meals at the table. “You order all different selections of foods, then you cook on the table with a barbecue grill,” said Alan Wang, owner of the Houston KPot locations.

Hot pots are also offered for each individual at the table. The hot pot is a precooked, seasoned soup base. Diners can add a variety of meats and vegetables to the hot pot to cook the ingredients. Each Houston KPot will also feature a full bar.

The first Houston location at 10790 Bellaire Blvd. is expected to open in less than three months. The restaurant at 17575 Tomball Pkwy. in Houston could open in November or December. And, the KPot at 20794 Gulf Freeway could open in February or March of 2023. The Gulf Freeway restaurant will feature a patio. Wang is also working to secure a lease for a fourth Houston location for KPot.

“They can have their families, their friends, they can barbecue,” Wang told What Now Houston. “Give them more choice.”

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